Looking for a new finish for your wheels, or just doing some custom work to your car, truck, or bike?

Instead of painting it, you should powder coat it. Pretty much anything that is metal can be powder coated. The great part is that it lasts much longer than paint, and is much stronger as well. Powder coating is an Electro Static Coating (ESD) used for primarily metal, using polymer resin based powder that comes in virtually infinite colors, textures, and finishes. Unlike paint, which uses a liquid medium for application, powder coating begins as a powder and gains its unique finish through the curing process.


Before powder is applied to a part, it is first stripped of any preexisting finish and sand blasted to make for a clean surface for the powder to be applied to. The part is then masked accordingly to avoid powder applying to areas in which it is not desired.


Powder is applied using a spray gun with an electrostatic charge that attracts the powder particles to, and evenly coats various grounded applications. Once coated, all pieces are put in to a curing oven, where the powder flows together and bakes the powder onto the metal.


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